Our mission is to help shine a bright light on you and your organization.

Lumen was founded out of a passion for helping businesses and organizations expand their reach through social media and quality crafted content. After years of application and practice both within the private and non-profit sectors, Kaleigh, along with her husband Brandon, decided to expand their own reach and offer their experience with social media, copywriting, and design on a larger scale. Lumen understands that when it comes to time, staff, and the ever-growing to-do list, there's not always enough resources to go around. And sometimes, it's even simpler. You need new ideas—a fresh take. That's where Lumen can help. Lumen is here to offer creative, engaging strategies that fit within your organization's needs.

The Process

Every project begins with a conversation. The reasoning is simple: behind every business and organization is the most important element--their story. Through storytelling, Lumen works to find out what exactly the client is hoping to get out of the relationship.


Once we've built a strong foundation of understanding, our goal is to leverage the most compelling elements of those stories and share with your audience why what you're doing is attention-worthy.

Why Lumen?

Lumen's focus is on three main services: social media, written content, and design. Working from a solid foundation of these three pillars of communication, we can supplement your marketing efforts with quality work that blends seamlessly with your existing strategies.

Why social media? According to a recent study by the Internet Advertising Bureau, 90 percent of customers will recommend brands after a social media interaction. With a creative, engaging online presence, you're not only building relationships, but trust, too.

Why written content? The power of well-written content is infinite. It establishes your ethos as a trustworthy source of information, tells the story of your business, and is often the foundation of communication between you and your customers. Lumen's goal is to give you the written voice you need to effectively communicate on a variety of platforms for both– in print and online.

Why design? Great design not only makes something look appealing, but it helps deliver the message you want to communicate in the most impactful way possible. We work collaboratively to create the image you desire.

Meet the Founders

Kaleigh Moore has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. While in college, she started an online business, making sales to thousands of customers from around the world. Upon graduating from college, she went on to work in Public Relations for a non-profit.

Kaleigh has spoken at several colleges and to numerous organizations on building a following using social media. She has also written for many publications, both online and in print.

Brandon Moore combines a wealth of business expertise with his background in creating clean, intelligent design. After receiving his MBA from Benedictine University, he went on to take Executive Education courses at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Brandon is constantly adding to his portfolio of work. Whether it's full-service branding or using his knowledge of marketing for consulting, he partners with clients to improve their business and grow their audience.